Email, Google Drive, Calendar, Contacts, etc...

GSuite how do I start?

Click Here ->

Google offers their GSuite service free to charities.

GSuite does NOT have 24x7 technical support for users

Support is provided through (see consumer/business support, after hitting the down arrow)

Your dreamstakeflight email is handled through

Webmail -

Log in as [username]@[chapter]

ex. username -

You have full access to GSuite service.

Some free unknown services are

  • Free Conference calls for meetings, built into your calendar.
  • 30G of online storage per account. (Double regular gmail accounts)
  • Google Drive File Stream
    • Google Drive File Storage from Native Windows or Mac, ie. Work on files directly from Google Drive as if they were local.
  • Google Groups for online group mailings
  • User management from a central administrator (password resets included)

Transfers of email's from Telus to GSuite need to be approved by your President or VP.

Presidents/VP: See MACD form for email move requests. (Previous page)